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We provide innovative and resourceful solutions to remove waste for homeowners, contractors, realators,and property managemen

10-yard dumpsters for rent for construction, remodeling, and junk removal.

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What is Little Green Dumpster Co?


Little Green Dumpster Co is a versatile dumpster rental company that is committed to serving our customers by bringing

 a  unique approach to the removal and disposal of waste and debris. We provide innovative and resourceful ways in finding solutiremovaons to  waste on behalf of homeowners, contractors, service providers, and property management  professionals. No matter if it’s simply renting a dumpster to a customer that we   up and hauled off at a later date, or sending in an on-demand labor force capable of doing the grunt work, light demolition, or loading materials to fill up our green dumpsters. Little Green Dumpster Co offers a full service approach customized to  your needs.


Who are we?


We're a small busines operated by people who have deep roots right here in the Ozarks, and have a great interest in providing a service to our customers that is unlike what you will receive from big box brands or other roll-off brokers.

Joel Moffett founded Little Green Dumpster Co in 2017.  His eye for opportunity was led by the discovery that many customers he built homes for were troubled to find a debris and waste removal service to fit their needs. Most options were too expensive, containers were bigger than they needed, or couldn't be delivered at convenient times for customers. 

After  two  years of refining our service, affordable debris removal solutions, and on-demand dumpster delivery, Little Green Dumpster Co is now owned and operated by extended family as well as the Tice family.  A service that can't be found anywhere nearby and run by people who call the Ozarks home.


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We do NOT deal with 3rd party brokers, do Not contact us.

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